Mystery Tub
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Mystery Tub

  • 320g content = 40 servings (20 liters)


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    Fruity and sweet

    Sweet strawberry meets fruity kiwi. LevlUp Strawberry Kiwi is one of the most popular mix varieties at LevlUp. See for yourself!

    What does the Strawberry-Kiwi Edition taste like?

    LevlUp Strawberry Kiwi is the sweet-fruity temptation that produces the best of strawberry and kiwi in terms of taste. 

    For Gamers

    Special formula with caffeine and vitamin B12.

    Value for Money

    A large serving of LevlUp with 500ml costs less than 1 Euro.

    Low Sugar

    Pure taste and less sugar: a large serving (500ml) contains only about 4 grams of sugar.

    Made In Germany

    High-quality ingredients and ingredients, produced under the highest quality standards.

    40 servings
    Less than 1€ per serving
    Low sugar
    Made in Germany
    Flavor: Strawberry and kiwi
    Mystery Tub

    How LevlUp works

    Fill a scoop with LevlUp.

    Scoop into a container with 500ml of water.

    Mix the ingredients briefly.

    Enjoy LevlUp.