Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

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    LevlUp® Mystery Box Advent Calendar

    Finally, the time has come: We present the first LevlUp Advent Calendar!



    LevlUp Advent Calendar - What is in it?

    The LevlUp Mystery Box Advent Calendar contains 24 different sample sticks: unreleased flavors, no longer 

    24 Flavours

    Discover 24 different samples, including unreleased varieties, flavors no longer available and a mix of our bestsellers.

    Grand Prize Draw

    Every Mystery Box order is automatically entered into a grand prize draw with prizes worth over 5,000€ drawn in December.


    The LevlUp Mystery Box Advent Calendar is 48 cm high, 44 cm wide and 3.5 cm deep. Can be put down or hung on the wall!

    Operating instructions

    Mix one scoop (8g LevlUp Gaming Booster) with 500ml of water. LevlUp is not only a performance product, but was specifically designed for video gamers and gaming sessions of all kinds. Drink our Gaming Booster® while playing video games.

    Care Instructions: To preserve the pressure and color of the shakers, we recommend cleaning by hand with lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid.

    How LevlUp works

    Fill a scoop with LevlUp.

    Scoop into a container with 500ml of water.

    Mix the ingredients briefly.

    Enjoy LevlUp.