Truth be told, Trymacs might not drop as many kills in a game as often as he signs autographs, but he always has a dope one-liner on his lips and has the freshest fish costume in the world. For those and many more reasons, he is Germany’s most popular Fortnite streamer.


Though he might say so: let’s face it, the hype is not nearly over, not by a longshot. No matter if he just came home from daycare or with a sweet pastry in hand; agile like a badger, our color adjusted partner keeps on entertaining the masses.


No one owns the „Heyyyy, you over there“-look like Haptic does. He even charmingly played around with countless fans at TwitchCon Berlin. Legend has it that Haptic cuts his videos faster than his shadow.


The two FIFA pundits do not only exchange whips on the daily but also smoke signals while smoking hookah. Especially, blind draft is all about honor and glory - slaps on the hand are part of the daily grind. "Bye, have a great time!"


The first influencer to join the ranks of LevlUp and a long-standing part of the team. No matter how thrilling the engagement in CoD, no matter how hungry his hamster Dino gets, Raptor marches onward! We are excited to see what the future holds for us and look forward to all the sick events to come!


ViscaBarca knows all the ups and downs but no matter what happened, he rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Camp Nou today, an interview with Jérome Boateng tomorrow and picking up viewers in Munich with his Audi R8 the very same night - this dude is on fire!

M10 eSports

Özil in centre midfield is a sure bet. His esports-team M10, which includes the iconic and fun loving Harmii, do not find themselves offside but instead headed for the goal. Cool dudes and a great team spirit leave gaming hearts in awe.