Twitch is the number 1 when it comes to live-streaming. In 2019, TwitchCon did their first show in Europe - and LevlUp joined as one of the main sponsor. Twitch is one of our main partners in multi-national cooperation.


The whole office of LevlUp is equipped with Noblechairs. The prime chair-manufacturer from Berlin is our partner for our booths at fairs, our office equipment and a lot of our partners.


Logitech is THE top partner when it comes to essential gaming devices, such as mouses and keyboards. No matter what gaming-related device one might be looking for - Logitech offers a great variation in the finest quality. Together with Logitechs subsidiary Astro Gaming, we're looking forward to many great interaction within the industry.


DHL is our partner for reliable and blazingly fast shipping. Everyday we give our very best to make sure that every single one of our customers gets their delivery as fast as possible. Thanks to our partner status, we offer DHL's premium-service to our international customers.


With DeinDesign by our site, an individual design for all of our fairs and events is guaranteed. Furthermore, DeinDesign offers unique goodies to the LevlUp community. For the above, DeinDesign is one of our top partners.