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Health Information

What is the LevlUp Gaming Booster®?

LevlUp is a powdered drink in over 10 different flavors. In combination with water, it creates a unique drink, specially developed for gamers.

Whether PC, console or mobile gaming - whether you want a tasty drink or want to support your performance - our Gaming Booster® is suitable for every gamer!


LevlUp Gaming Booster® – Preparation Recommendation

To get the best taste out of your Gaming Booster®, we recommend mixing one serving (500ml) of water with 8g of powder (lightly heaped scoop).

Of course, you can adjust the LevlUp to water ratio according to your needs, but do not exceed the recommended daily intake of 8 grams of LevlUp per day.

Not suitable for children and pregnant or lactating women. Not intended for long-term nutrition and not to be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.


What is in the LevlUp Gaming Booster®?

LevlUp has no added sugar and significantly fewer calories per serving compared to conventional energy drinks. Nevertheless, the full taste unfolds due to the unique composition.


The Gaming Booster from LevlUp is a powder that mixed with water makes a delicious drink that is specially adapted to the needs of gamers.
To ensure a high-quality product with the best taste, we produce the LevlUp Gaming Booster under the highest quality standards exclusively in Germany.
The special feature of the LevlUp Gaming Booster is the special active ingredient formula with 250mg caffeine, as well as 8 other ingredients. The exact ingredients can be found on the respective product pages.
LevlUp contains only about 4 grams of sugar per 500ml. For comparison: common energy drinks contain around 50 grams of sugar. In addition, you save on deposit and waste, because with a single LevlUp tub comes with 40 servings. And one serving of 500ml costs less than 1 euro!
As a matter of corporate responsibility, we recommend consumption of LevlUp Gaming Boosters from the age of 16.
If you suffer from food intolerance or allergies, we ask you to look on the product pages under the tab "Nutrients" whether the product of your choice is suitable for you. In case of doubt, it is always advisable to consult a trusted doctor or pharmacist with specific questions about the ingredients of our boosters.
The recommended amount of LevlUp per day is one serving. This corresponds to about 8 grams of powder.
One serving of 500ml of LevlUp costs less than 1 euro.