Pro Bottle Elotrix
Pro Bottle Elotrix
Pro Bottle Elotrix

Pro Bottle Elotrix

  • Perfect for a serving of LevlUp
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    Mix your LevlUp®!


    Developed together with Elotrix. The Pro Bottle Elotrix XL in a limited design. "4 is for lifestyle!" 
    The Pro Bottles XL are like our well-known Pro Bottles - only bigger! 

    Maximum filling capacity: 700ml

    BPA free

    The LevlUp Pro Bottles and Pro Shakers are naturally BPA free - so you can enjoy your LevlUp Gaming Booster safely.


    The LevlUp Pro Bottles and Pro Shakers have a leakproof cap - because nobody wants liquid on their keyboard or controller.

    Ideal for mixing

    The Pro Bottles and Pro Shakers from LevlUp are ideal for preparing LevlUp Gaming Boosters! Simply mix 500ml with 8 grams of powder - ready!


    Our Pro Bottles and Pro Shakers give you maximum flexibility - easy to use, easy to clean, easy to take to-go wherever you want.

    Operating instructions

    Mix one scoop (8g LevlUp Gaming Booster) with 500ml of water. LevlUp is not just a performance product, it's designed specifically for video gamers and gaming sessions of all kinds. Drink our Gaming Booster® while playing video games.

    Care instructions: To preserve the pressure and colour of the shakers, we recommend cleaning by hand with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is LevlUp?®
    The Gaming Booster from LevlUp® is a powder that, when mixed with water, makes a delicious drink that is specially adapted to the needs of gamers. The booster supports focus, performance and concentration.
    What does LevlUp® cost?
    One serving of LevlUp® at 500ml costs less than 1 Euro.
    What does the active ingredient formula consist of?
    The active ingredient formula is a special formula with caffeine and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 supports energy metabolism, the nervous system, the psyche and the immune system; it also helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.
    Why do I need a bottle for this?
    With the Pro Bottle you achieve the optimal solubility of your LevlUp. With 500 ml, our LevlUp Pro Bottle is perfectly designed for one serving of LevlUp - 100% BPA free and leak-proof. Your faithful companion for your setup.
    What are the advantages over classic energy drinks?
    LevlUp® contains only about 4 grams of sugar per 500ml. For comparison: common energy drinks contain around 50 grams of sugar. In addition, you save with us on deposit and waste, as one tub comes with 40 servings. And one serving of 500ml costs less than 1 Euro!
    Why does LevlUp® taste so good?
    We put great value on the quality of our Gaming Boosters. Our drinks are therefore manufactured under the highest production standards - Made in Germany.
    Why is LevlUp® for gamers?
    As gamers, we have special needs: we need to be concentrated and focused. These are exactly the skills we have focused our formula on - to be able to support gamers optimally.